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About us.

Siliguri Royal Football Club set up with a mission unparting sports ( specially football ) facilities to all sections of society was established in the year 2011.

The aim and objects for which the club is established are :

(a) To help to grow the physical culture through the medium of games specially Football in the locality and adjacent area of North Bengal.
(b) To arrange and build Football team of the club by the talented youth of the locality, irrespective of cast, creed, religion and social status.
(c) To arrange and organize various tournament for the promotion and advancement of the Football game of the club.
(d) To encourage the use of modern scientific and technological advancement to built up and develop the better quality of the Footballer in the locality.
(e) To arrange organize, lectures, dicussion or seminars by the help of conversant dignitaries regarding the improvement of the Football game.
(f) To educate the Footballer by the conversant Doctor's regarding their utility of daily foods, diets, habits and sports medicines to grow their flexibility and self confidence.
(g) To encourage and help the poor needy Footballers specially backward classes of the community by supplying them Football kits and tracksuit by the cost of the club.
(h) To establish and maintain a sports Library and a gym for the benefit of the Footballer of the club without any motive of profits.
(i) To create sporting and friendly atmosphere and to raise the spirit of sportsmanship and to promote the universal brotherhood amongst the Footballers of the club.
(j) To run an Institution for training and coaching for the Footballers of the club by the conversant trainers.
(k) To endevour to identify the menbers of the Association in the biggest arena outside District and in National level.
(l) To organize seminars, cultural functions, charity show for raising funds for the causes of the club without any profit motive.